Massage Your Way To Cellulite Free Thighs

Massage is one of the best ways to reduce cellulite.

Not only does it improve circulation around the area of the cellulite (which has the added benefit of removing toxins from your body), it also helps to break down the fat that causes cellulite.

Self-massage or assisted massage by a partner is an excellent way to break down the hardened deposits as well as please and pamper your body.


Start with light stroking using long, flowing movements to caress the skin.

Work from the extremities toward the heart to help encourage the increased flow of blood through the peripheral veins and capillaries of your circulatory system.


Next use both Finger Kneading for those smaller areas such as the inner knee, upper arms or calves, and Hand Kneading on larger areas such as hips, thighs and stomach.

It is squeeze and lift type of massage - similar to kneading dough.

Use both Hand Kneading and Finger Kneading techniques firmly to bring the blood closer to the surface and eliminate waste deposits.

Make sure you squeeze, but not too hard! You want to stimulate circulation to those trouble spots without hurting yourself.


Step Three, form your hands into fists and use them to crush into those ugly cellulite bulges.

Press hard enough to break up those trouble spots and you will aid in manipulating the deposits so your body’s own metabolism can better deal with them naturally.


Step Four in your cellulite control massage program is upper-tissue manipulation and is done by grasping a large portion of problem area in each hand, making sure your thumbs are at right angles.

Twist the flesh in opposite directions as if to form the letter ‘S’ with the folds.


Step Five, the last regimen in your daily cellulite control massage program is the heavy stroking of deep pressure in the same pattern as the first step - from the extremities back toward the heart.

This heavy type of deep stroking massage is to encourage the flow of imprisoned deposits which have been freed up to their ultimate elimination by metabolic action of lymphatic drainage and normal blood flow.

The Finish Massage

Following your massage program, shower or rinse off to remove any unabsorbed residue from the cream, along with any dead skin cells or deposits scrubbed loose during massage.

Make the most of your post massage shower by using a dry body brush to further encourage the breaking down of any fatty deposits.

Always use an effective cream or gel to enhance the benefits of your massage.

Massage into the skin until the cream is completely absorbed, using upward movements over the entire body. Cellulite may only show in certain areas but is essentially a whole body problem. For best results apply twice a day (morning and night).

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